Minutes of NYSS-AAPT Executive Board Meeting

Buffalo State College

Buffalo, N.Y.

April 17, 2004

Morning Session In attendance: President Larry Josbeno, Vice President Andy Telesca, Joe Drenchko, Ken Evans, John Fitzgibbons, Lowell Sylwester, Secretary George Amann, Dan MacIssac arrived at 8:13

President Josbeno skipped to agenda item 8 (outreach) as first item due to time considerations.

Minutes of the Fall 2003 meeting moved by Joe Drenchko with the correction Rob Robertson to be changed to Rob Robinson. Seconded by John Fitzgibbons. Approved 6-0.

The treasurer’s report accepted. (attached)

Report from the national Association winter meeting in Miami (attached) given by John Fitzgibbons.

President Josbeno announced the Fall Symposium will be on Oct 2, 2004 at Cornell University.

The Spring Symposium 2006 will be held at Marist College. The local organizer will be Rob Robinson. Andy Telesca will suggest several dates for the meeting.

A new webmaster will be required to replace Tom Mellin (who is moving to Texas). The organization offers its thanks to Tom for his efforts. Lowell Sylwester will replace Tom as webmaster. George will send a letter to Tom Mellin with thanks for his efforts as webmaster.

Lowell Sylwester reported on general liability insurance for the organization. Lowell indicated it would cost approximately $250/year. Lowell will have the underwriter prepare the policy (it was previously approved).

The agenda was moved to item 13 (other). Election returns were to reported.

Newly elected members of the Boards

The agenda was moved back to item 10 ( Fall 2005 Symposium).

Meeting suspended at 8:50.

Meeting resumed at 12:15

George Amann will contact Ray Polansky (president of NJSS/AAPT) regarding the “Great Adventure” money. Virginia Moore suggested we contact the marketing department of six flags NJ regarding the money.

John Fitzgibbons will check on CEUs for NYSS/AAPT meetings with the national office.

Larry Josbeno will meet with Jill Linz from Skidmore regarding hosting a meeting for either Fall 2005 (if the joint meeting with Princeton doesn’t materialize) or Spring 2006.

John Fitzgibbons moved , seconded by Joe Zawicki, that the by-laws of the association be amended to eliminate the position of Vice president, and the duties of the vice president will be assumed by the president elect. The president elect will assume the duties of the president at the end of the presidents term or incapacity of the president. Motion will be approved at the fall 2004 meeting .

President Josbeno will send letters of thanks to resigning members of the executive board for their service.

Motion to adjourn 1:08 made by Joe Drenchko, seconded by John Fitzgibbons.

Respectfully Submitted George A. Amann