Minutes of NYSS-AAPT Executive Board Meeting 
Radisson and Corning Community College
Corning, NY
 April 8, 2000

Present: George Amann, Bernadine Cook, Laura Dustin,  John Fitzgibbons, 
Michael Herzog, Douglas Huston, Larry Josbeno, Richard Mancuso,  Robert 
Pompi (second-half of meeting only) and Lowell Sylwester

Absent: Joseph Drenchko,  Nancy Moreau, and Carl Shepard

Guest: Alfred Mann

The meeting was called to order at 7:34 AM by president Mancuso.

A motion to approve the minutes of the April 16, 1999 meeting was made by 
Josbeno and seconded by Sylwester. The motion passed.

Cook gave the treasurer's report  as follows:
		$      914.47	checking
                     10506.37   savings
		      9457.03	certificate of deposit
		 $  20,878.27 	total
Cook noted that this did not represent any memberships received as a result 
of publication of the Corning conference or any of the registration fees 
for this conference. (The section has not yet received money from the Six 
Flags for 1999 and 2000. )
A motion to accept the treasurer's report was made by Fitzgibbons and 
seconded by Josbeno. The motion passed..

	Josbeno reported that the program and luncheon were all set for the next 
day. One hundred thirty-six people were registered for the conference: 31 
APS, 47 AAPT, and 58 students. He noted that APS funded students up to $150 
per institution and also sponsored meals at $10 per student. Josbeno 
believed that the  extraordinary turnout was due to the exceptional Friday 
evening speaker and the central location, making it an easy commute from 
universities in  Syracuse, Binghampton, Ithaca and Rochester. Twelve people 
pre-registered for the workshop to be conducted by Amann, according to 
Josbeno. The executive board commended Josbeno for organizing and excellent 

	Amann indicated that twelve people had pre-registered for his workshop at 
the end of the conference. He estimated expenditures at $100. (The actual 
amount submitted after the workshop was $116.13.)

A motion to budget $600 to help defray the cost of executive board members 
attending future meetings was passed. Mancuso set a deadline of April 17, 
2000 for members to mail original receipts to Cook for reimbursement. 
(Actual reimbursement totaled $531.34  as follows: Cook $214.61, 
Fitzgibbons $185.90, and Herzog $130.83.)

A motion for Mancuso to purchase insurance for the section was made by 
Fitzgibbons and seconded by Josbeno. The motion passed.

The Service Award selection Committee for next spring will be chaired by 
Mancuso and include at least three, but no more than  six of the past award 
recipients, according to a motion that passed at last spring's meeting. 
Amann, Fitzgibbons, and Josbeno agreed to serve on the committee. Mancuso 
indicated that he would contact Pompi and Fitzgibbons said he would contact 
Drenchko about serving on the committee as well.

Under old business related to ways the section could promote physics 
education in the state Mancuso  reiterated  his feelings that a videotape 
made of  his physics show would not be like a live performance and thus, 
not a good idea. Executive board members made several suggestions including 
sponsoring retired members to give presentations and be reimbursed for 
expenses up to $300 and establishing a lecture list. Mann indicated that 
physics faculty at the college level are "eager to propigate the faith." A 
motion was made by Fitxgibbons and seconded by Sylwester to establish a 
NYSSAAPT Outreach Committee. The motion passed. Josbeno agreed to chair the 
committee and indicated that communication between interested board members 
would be by email.

Under other old business it was noted that Educational Testing Service 
(ETS) had not contacted Fitzgibbons or Pompi although they had expressed an 
interest in working for its AP Physics test development committee.

At the last meeting,  motion passed that allowed for up to $500.00 to be 
budgeted for pre-service physics teachers to attend the NYSS-AAPT annual 
meeting. There was no response from pre-service teachers for this meeting.

Under new business Sylwester indicated that he would act as a liaison for 
Buffalo State and Michael DeMarco,  in organizing a joint meeting with APS  
on October 20 and 21, 2000. The topic will be "strings, Particles, and 
Cosmology." The section will still investigate holding a spring meeting in 
the eastern section of the state on April 22.. Amann agreed to contact 
Vasser and Mancuso and Dustin agreed to research West Point as a site.

Since section representative Cook indicated she would be unable to attend 
the AAPT summer meeting. Fitzgibbons was asked to attend as a substitute by 
Mancuso. President-elect Sylwester was told to inform Steve Iona, the chair 
of the section representatives, in writing of this substitution.

Cook reported that 32 votes were cast in the election and the results were 
as follows:
President: Lowell Syylwester (32)
Vice-President: Doug Huston (6) Larry Josbeno (26)
Secretary/Treasurer: You (32)
Executive Board (SIX positions): Ken Evans (29), Johns Fitzgibbons (27), 
Mike Herzog (29),
Nancy Moreau (27), Hank Nebel (14), Carl Shepard (24), and Andy Telesca 
Mancuso agreed to write a letter congratulating each of the winners and to 
continue to maintain the section's homepage although he will no longer be 

Cook charged the bill for breakfast for the executive board on her credit 
card and was then reimbursed for the same amount from the section checking 

	The executive board recessed at 8:47 AM and reconvened at 12:43PM.

	Mancuso began by reminding executive board members that they must provide 
original receipts for lodging and meals and record actual mileage to be 
eligible for reimbursement.

	In an informal discussion about the meeting, Pompi indicated that he 
believed it was so successful because of the quality of the speakers and 
the presentations being at a level that was appropriate for the audience. 
Josbeno indicated the difficulties he encountered with hosting a joint 
meeting with APS, because of the organization charged a different 
registration fee than AAPT. He indicated that future APS-AAPT joint 
meetings must charge the same registration fees. APS meetings must be 
tutorial according  to Mancuso, but they have become esoteric over the 
years according to Fitzgibbons. It was suggested that for future joint 
meeting that the AAPT membership be notified  that the talks are of an 
appropriate level.

	Last year's topic of supporting students to attend section meetings was 
revisited. A motion was made by Amann and seconded by Fitzgibbons for the 
section to support student attendance at meetings at a maximum level of 
$1000 per academic year with a maximum support of $100 for an individual 
student in a teacher-training program, and a maximum of $150 per 
institution. The motion passed. Pompi agreed to screen the student 
applicants and handle the program.

	In informal discussion Mancuso stated he would post the minutes of the 
executive board meeting on the section's homepage. Amann agreed to contact 
Moreau to see if she was still interested in serving on the executive board 
because she has been unable to make for several years. Amann is to forward 
the information to Mancuso.

	Amotion to adjourn at 1:23 PM was made by Fitzgibbons and seconded by 

Respectfully submitted,

Bernadine Hladik Cook