Our Mission

In order to promote excellence in physics education, NYSS-AAPT creates unique learning opportunities in physics and physics education for teachers and students of physics.


  1. Plan and hold bi-annual meetings (sometimes jointly with the New York State Section of the American Physical Society)

    Meeting Goals:

    • Invite speakers who are physicists, research professionals and physics teachers active in New York State or the region

      To address:

      • Frontier experimental and theoretical physics research
      • Effective physics teaching methods
      • Physics curriculum and assessment

    • Afford meeting attendees the opportunity to network

      So that they can:

      • Form good, ongoing relationships with geographically remote colleagues
      • Share physics knowledge, stories, demonstrations, and ideas for teaching, experimentation and research
      • Discuss current events in NYS, national or global physics education (curriculum, assessment)

  2. Offer competitive grants to physics teachers in the region

    To encourage:

    • Innovation in physics teaching
    • Excellence in physics student research

  3. Continually grow and support a network of thoughtful, active, informed physics educators in New York State


    • Recruiting new members to expand the energy and experience of our association

    • Promoting frequent communication between members

      As a means of

      • Sharing knowledge and best practices
      • Creating and sustaining working relationships with isolated or new physics teachers
      • Participating in and evaluating developments in NYS, national and global physics education
      • Activating a climate for creativity and innovation in physics education

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